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Adobe Bridge CC: Free to Anyone

I am a fan of when large corporations offer products for free to everyone. Whether it’s an ipad app that is useful to your creativity, or it’s a piece of software for your business, if you can get it for free, that’s a huge win for you. If you’ve ever heard of Adobe Bridge, it has become apparent that Adobe Bridge CC is free. Let’s take a look at Adobe Bridge and why you’ll find it useful.


Adobe Bridge is Key To Organization

Adobe Bridge gives you a lot of useful features to help make the most of your files. You can use it to search through your files, browse through them and organize them. You can view and manage all of the typical file types of Adobe products and file extensions. You can work with image files, such as jpegs, PNG files, GIFs. You can work with vector files, as well as audio and video files. You can view and manage Psd files, Camera RAW files, AI and Indd files.

Rating Files

You can rate files in order of importance using a star rating. This will enable you to quickly find your most important files. If you know you’ve given a file a 5 star rating, you can narrow your search so that you can find that file quicker.

File Filtering

You can filter files by a number of different criteria. You can filter files by file type, keywords, date created , date modified, orientation (portrait or landscape), aspect ratio, or you can go straight to Camera RAW formatted files. You can also create file collections. These are basically folders or collections of files that you group together.

Adobe bridge interface


You can add, edit or replace metadata, which is handy for professional level file creation. This can add an extra level of protection to your work. Adding a hidden section of metadata that proves a file is yours can ensure that your work is never stolen. You can even create metadata templates with this Adobe Bridge.

Add Watermarks

If you want to protect your images and graphics, you may want to watermark them. Adobe bridge will allow you to add your logo over any image, making sure no one steals your work.

Run Batch Processes

Don’t process each file individually. The point of software is to make your work easier and to have the software do most of the legwork for you. You can perform batch processes like renaming with Adobe Bridge.

Put on Slideshows

Want to put on a quick presentation? Do it with Adobe Bridge. You can set up your presentation so that files automatically transition every 5 seconds. You can also make it so that files scale to fit the screen. You can create captions, and you can even choose the types of transitions used between slides. You can choose from presets like dissolve, fade, slide, and more.

Conclusion: Adobe Bridge

If you’ve not considered using Adobe Bridge before, you might consider using it now. You have nothing to lose, since it’s free. You can organize and process images in record time. Do you use Adobe Bridge CC in your workflow? I’d love to hear about it. Comment below with you questions, or talk about how Adobe Bridge is a vital part of your daily routine.