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Wildflat Html5 Template

by | Sep 24, 2014 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments

Wildflat Html5 Template

Each week I share a free website template on here, in the hopes that it will help to speed up your workflow. While I don’t believe in directly copying a template, or letting that be the end of the project, I do believe that a decent template can be a great starting point for a good website. Just like you have different web development frameworks, a template can be just a simple guideline for what could develop into a really nice site. The free template the week is one of those great base templates. The Wildflat html5 template, by W3 layouts is a great one page website template. It has everything you’d expect from a decent website template, but it isn’t overrun with a bunch of frills or extra features that you don’t need. Let’s take a look at the Wildflat html5 template.


The main header of the website features a typical sliding gallery. This is a great place to put important information, such as announcements of new products or services.


I think one of the standout features of the Wildflat html5 template is the sortable image gallery. You can have different categories for images in this gallery. When you click one of the buttons, all of the images that are included in that category disappear. This leaves behind only the images that are a part of the category that you selected.


Another interesting feature is the sliding news carousel. This means that you don’t have to clutter up your website with paragraphs of text that are jumbled together. You can organize them into chunks of three or four paragraphs at a time. This also is a great visual way to get peoples attention and entice them to read your posts.


I also really like the footer of the Wildflat html5 template, because it includes a simple contact form, as well as a Flickr stream. I don’t know how useful the Flickr stream will be, as I’ve never really used one to my advantage. However, the contact form at the bottom of the site will definitely come in handy. I like the large blue area, featuring a nice thank you message, accompanied by social media icons. These can link to your different accounts, allowing visitors to connect with you in other ways besides your website. The vast amount of negative space makes this section standout, which is a real plus.

Download the Wildflat Html5 Template

The Wildflat Html5 Template is a simple website template that would be a great starting point for any website. You might be able to improve the site with some textures and added functionality. You can either click the preview link below to view a live demo, or you can click the download link to access this template directly.

Demo | Download

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