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Those of us born in the ‘90s are called the Internet generation for a reason: we grew up while Internet Explorer was just taking off, back when it took your web page a good 50 seconds to fully load. We then witnessed the lightning speed growth of web sites, platforms, blogs, and the birth of Internet titans like Google, Facebook, Youtube and Yahoo. It’s difficult to believe how much the Internet has changed in such a short period of time, what it has accomplished and how many users it managed to attract.

You can find anything on the Internet these days. Of course, the choice of looking up something useful or just browsing through hundreds of phone reviews or beauty tutorials is entirely yours. If you choose the former option, however, you can make your shopping online, pay your bills, order things from overseas and even hunt for a job. Job websites have developed in the last years just like any other field out there. New friendly technologies make everything easy and accessible for the users. That means no more buying stacks of newspaper for looking up the perfect job.

It’s no longer unachievable to have your own job board website. In fact, you don’t even have to know HTML, CSS, PHP or any other programming language in order to set it up and get started with posting jobs. All you have to do is use the WPJobBoard plugin for WordPress, which will basically take care of everything.

Wpjobboard Plugin

In just a matter of seconds you can put your content out there and make it available for everyone with an Internet connection. This WordPress plugin has many useful tools that will help you get your job done in no time. It works great with all WordPress functionalities and you can either use it on an existing site or on a new site specially created for job listings.

Thanks to the fact that it’s entirely compatible with WordPress, you can choose any theme you like or you can opt for the default theme “Jobelon” offered by the plugin. WPJobBoard also works beautifully with WP “frameworks”, which means you can choose between WooFramework, Genesis, Headway or Thesis.

What is also cool about this WordPress plugin is that due to its SEO features it helps its users achieve search engine optimization through increasing page views and link popularity by distributing job listings to Google Base SimplyHired, Indeed and even social media sites like Twitter.

This WordPress plugin is accessible even for those who are only starting their job board site. It has an intuitive interface that will guide you through all the steps of listing a job post. You can be sure you won’t be overwhelmed by arranging all the job posts, since WPJobBoard will help make it look neat and organized.


Listing a new job is so easy you could even do it blindfolded. The user friendly editor allows you to change and adjust almost everything on your site. You are only required to fill in the fields on the screen and your job post is ready to be read by many potential employees. Everything will be online in seconds and it will also look nice thanks to the WordPress theme you’re already using.


You don’t have to worry about keeping your visitors posted either. WPJobBoard will take care of this too through its automatic email job alerts and RSS feeds. This way job board owners can make sure they’ll stay in touch with their users through minimum effort.


A cool and useful tool offered by WPJobBoard is the feature that allows the job board owner to charge the employers who would like to see the full profile of a possible candidate. This feature is so great because it allows you to monetize your site effortlessly. The plugin has full PayPal integration so it really doesn’t get any easier. All you are required to do is decide the amount you want to charge and apply the changes.


WPJobBoard allows its users to add or delete fields that they might find irrelevant on their sites. The user friendly drag and drop editor offers you the possibility to rearrange your screen and make it look exactly like you want it.

Wpjobboard Plugin Features

Since the WPJobBoard plugin is so great it couldn’t lack an even greater support team which offers extensive online documentation. And if you can’t find a solution for your problem on your own you can always reach out to the friendly team via email. Regardless if you have a technical difficulty or you want to request a modification, you are guaranteed to have an answer back in less than 24 hours.

In conclusion, this WordPress plugin was created and designed to make life easier for all job board owners out there. It’s accessible, user friendly and the care for details of the team behind can be noticed in all the small and useful features that are waiting for you to give them a try. So head over to their website and try out the demo version.

Wpjobboard Plugin Download