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Winner Announced: Free Design Book Giveaway

by | Sep 27, 2010 | Articles | 1 comment

First off, I want to thank everyone that participated for their invaluable comments for this post. There are many aspects to branding and corporate identity, and I think each comment touched on a different aspect. Branding is a vital part of marketing and building a company up to generate more sales and to help a company become a household name.

The winner chosen at random was Mike, who posted on 9/15/2010, and even though he was chosen at random, he did have something interesting to say:

“Aside from the book, I am quite inspired by all of the input from the Creatives that have already posted. Simply put, I feel, the branding should speak to you from the shelf and invite you to want to know more. One person had commented that he felt that the brand logo had to somehow include the brand name into the artwork. For me this was a break-through and now thinking back it limits and suffocates the creative process to do this. If this book is an reflection of the ideas set forth in these posts than this is certainly a must have for me.”

He makes a good point, because saying that anything “has to do something” really tends to limit the possibilities. I do believe that all projects need stipulations, but ruling out possibilities and options only hinders exploration and innovation. With that being said, congratulations go to Mike, and he will be notified via email.

Please check back in to catch more opportunities for more freebies. I got such a good response from this, I might continue to give away books and things of that nature. If there is something that you’d really like for me to give away, please post your request here, and I will take it under advisement for the future.

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