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Is the design field seeing the end of its day?

by | Sep 27, 2010 | Articles | 3 comments

I frequent a lot of design blogs, simply because I like to know what is on the mind of other designers, and also because I like to have my ear to the ground regarding our industry. One thing that I caught wind of was a discussion about designers and web designers and their roles. My take on this matter is fairly simple: There will always be a need for designers and web designers.

One common misconception is that designers and web designers only sit at a computer and whip out artistic, beautiful creations. While there is some truth to the fact that we are all artists in our own rights, nothing is concrete when it comes to our profession. In a design firm, someone may be only responsible for the artwork regarding a project, but in almost all cases, graphic and web designers have many roles and responsibilities.

We have to interact with the client and use their input and needs to drive our creations. The number one thing that we all do is solve problems. There is always an objective or a goal to help a client to meet. That is our ultimate goal, and without it, we wouldn’t have jobs. Considering that this is not a perfect world, there will always be a need for web and graphic designers to solve these problems. We wear so many hats in order to do our jobs, that we are definitely great multi-taskers.

One thing that we all tend to do is to get caught up in politics and incidentals of our titles and what we do and what we don’t do. The confusion is not the fault of the world, it is our own faults for not properly educating our clients of what we can and actually do. We need to design our own marketing materials so that they communicate our abilities and our levels of expertise. Our business cards, promotional materials, and our portfolio web sites should properly communicate what we do. If we can’t market ourselves properly, how can we market major corporations?

As graphic designers and web designers, we all have our places in the business world. Companies will always need advertising. Even if our society somehow moves completely away from paper and even away from the web into some new venture, companies will always need some method of advertising or design work. Our professions will simply evolve and we will evolve with them. Who knows, maybe one day we will be designing holographic advertisements or advertisements and marketing materials for virtual reality technology. No one knows what the future holds, but as long as there are businesses and corporations that supply us with products, we will always have jobs and vital places in the business world.

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