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Christmas Icons

Most business start marketing for Christmas sales early in the year,  at right around this time. Right before Halloween, we start receiving flyers and ads about Christmas, sales, and other events. It is important to have quality graphics to promote these events. Today’s free Christmas icons are from They are giving you exclusive access to 100 free Christmas icons you can use in your design projects. You can preview this set of free Christmas icons below.

100 Free Christmas Icons

It’s important to get a jump start on your Christmas promotions. Before you know it, clients will be asking for flyers, postcards, and other promotional items for the Christmas season. These simple icons are great for the holiday season. They represent a number of different concepts centered around the holidays. From wreaths to ornaments, these icons will dress up any Christmas promotional work.

These Christmas icons could easily be used on a website, since the SVG and PNG files are included in this set. You can drop an SVG into Illustrator and edit it however you wish. Also, a PNG can be used directly in any website. You don’t have to worry about saving these as different formats. You can upload the PNG files to your site and use them immediately.

You can use these icons however you see fit. Provided exclusively by, these icons are made to use in personal or commercial design projects. The only thing you really can’t do with these free Christmas icons is redistribute them, or sell them somewhere. They are being provided for you for free. I would really appreciate it if you would share this post via Facebook or twitter to help spread the word about these free icons for others.

Click the button below to download these 100 free Christmas Icons for your design work.

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