Free Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions are a great way to save time and increase productivity. You can find free Photoshop actions all over the web. They aren’t that difficult to create, because they just re-create the steps that you took to achieve a specific effect. Today, I’ve put together a free before you of 15 free Photoshop actions for text effects. You can preview these text effects below.

Free Photoshop Actions: High Gloss Metal Free Photoshop Actions: Metal Casing Free Photoshop Actions: Hard Shadow Free Photoshop Actions: Soft Dmensional Free Photoshop Actions: Soft Shadow Free Photoshop Actions: Vent ShadowFree Photoshop Actions: Fluorescent GlowFree Photoshop Actions: 3DFree Photoshop Actions: Longshadow 100Free Photoshop Actions: Longshadow 50Free Photoshop Actions: Inner Pressed

You’ll find a lot of different shadow effects. I created effects for specific levels inner shadows and dimensional effects. Leveraging layer styles and blend modes, I was able to create many different styles. Most of these Photoshop actions turn your text into smart objects. This makes it easy to go back and edit the effect, even after it has been completed.

Which one of these text effects are your favorite? I would have to say my favorite is the high-gloss metallic effect. A close second would have to be what I call a vented shadow effect. It looks like the shadows that you would see on a set of mini blinds. It really creates a unique effect. Some will like the Metal Casing Effect, too. It really just depends on what you are looking for. Also, be on the lookout for future actions. I will be creating more free Photoshop actions to streamline your workflow.

Download 15 Free Photoshop Actions

You can download these free Photoshop actions by clicking the link below. You can use these free Photoshop actions in your projects, whether they are for personal or commercial use. The only thing you can’t do is redistribute these actions or sell them somewhere. If you want to share these actions with your readers or colleagues, please just share the link to this post. I appreciate it any time you pass the word along about Creative Beacon.

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