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Features Of Successful Logo Design

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Articles, Branding, Design | 0 comments

Successful logo design

Successful Logo Design

As a business owner, you want to make certain that your logo elicits a positive reaction from the public since this visual is what often gives consumers their first impression of a company. Good logo design has the ability to capture the attention of potential clients and customers and draw them in, leading to more sales. But how exactly does one come up with a successful logo, you ask? Creating a standout logo that truly reflects the ideas and concepts behind a business isn’t always easy, but adding these elements into your logo design process is sure to help guide you towards the development of one that is eye-catching and memorable.


A logo should be designed to be flexible in both size and color. Your logo will be used for a variety of marketing materials (ranging from letterheads to billboards) and viewed by consumers on different electronic devices. For a logo to readjust well on each of these platforms and maintain its appeal, the designer must take into consideration how an expanded image will look on a larger scale as well as how its minimized version will turn out on smaller mediums. Logos should also be easily readable and attractive whether in color or black and white.


You wouldn’t ever want your company’s logo to be mistaken for another’s, which makes individuality one of the most important aspects of logo design. A logo’s uniqueness is what will allow it to attract the attention of consumers and stick in their mind to be remembered later on. An uncommon design will be more noteworthy than something that’s been done before and will really showcase what your business is all about.


The old philosophy that less is more holds true when referring to logo design as well. Though you’re encouraged to get creative, you don’t want to go so overboard that it doesn’t make any sense to the average consumer. With an overly complicated design, your intended meaning might get lost or it might be too troublesome to replicate. It’s also a good idea to keep in mind that uncomplicated logos are easier for people to describe, generating more conversation about your business.


The logos that quickly come to mind when thinking about different businesses all have one common characteristic, and that’s their ability to last over many years. The most familiar logos in the world belong to companies that have made their images timeless enough to stand out in any generation, even if they’ve been slightly modified at one point or another. You want a logo that will effectively represent your business no matter what decade it is.


While a logo doesn’t necessarily have to be an exact replica of your company name, it should be relevant to what your company does. Since it is used to portray your business, a logo should be kept professional and uphold the standards of your company while somehow illustrating the products and/or services that you’re trying to sell. It can become a negative reflection on a business that inadvertently utilizes a logo that could be mistaken to mean something else.

Hiring a professional to help you in the creation of your logo design generally yields the best results and will ensure that each of these features are factored into the image.

By Tiffany Olson

Tiffany Olson is studying graphic design at her local community college and is excited about a future career in the business. In her off time she loves to travel, make art and cook.

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