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2016 Calendar Template

If you want to give your clients or customers something to remember you by, it’s a good idea to make it something they’ll actually use. One of the best promotional items you can send to existing and potential clients is a calendar for the new year. Creating your own from scratch can take a lot of time. You have to lay out the days and months, with the numbers on the right days. If you make a mistake, especially early on when creating it, your entire calendar will be thrown off. I have taken the work out of it by providing you with a free 2016 Calendar template, in vector format. Let’s take a look at the free 2016 calendar template I’ve made for you.

2016 calendar template

You can scale it and adapt it for any size. It is print ready, meaning you can simply print it out as is, or you can bring it into Adobe Illustrator and scale it up for larger production sizes without sacrificing quality. The months, days, and weekends are already laid out in a way that make it easy to understand.

You can easily print out this 2016 calendar template and leave it at your desk. You could also pin it up on your wall, on the refrigerator, or anywhere else it may come in handy. Everything is separate, so you can also change out the background for something that matches your taste. This 2016 calendar template is meant to be as easy and versatile as possible, so you can enjoy it in a way that fits your needs.

You are free to download this 2016 calendar template and use it as you see fit. you can download it, modify it, change it, or use it as a base for your own projects. The only thing you can’t do is resell it. To download it, click the link below, and it will arrive in your inbox shortly.

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