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Free PSD File of the Week: Free Pricing Table Psd

by | May 14, 2013 | Photoshop | 0 comments

Free Pricing Table Psd

The last couple of weeks, I have shared the “Free Psd File of the Week: Web Design Wireframe Kit” and “Free PSD File of The Week: UI Kit“. They have come in handy for a lot of designers. This week’s Photoshop freebie is a free pricing table Psd. If you or your client offers any time of service or plan, chances are that you need to show a pricing table. Having a tiered pricing structure for your services allows you to cater to your clients on their level. Some people may not want the all-inclusive package. Others may not want the bare bones service. Having at least 3 solid options and pricing tiers will ensure that your clients can choose a service level that applies to them. Catering to their individual needs will usually result in many more conversions. This week’s free PSD File of the week is a free pricing table psd.


What I like about this pricing table the most is that it is clean and simple. There are really no frills, just information and columns. The colors, both blue and purple work well together. You could also use your own custom colors if you want, since the file is in native psd format. I really like the minimal icons next to each main menu item. Adding a subtle icon as an illustration is a great way of sprucing up this pricing table, while not making it seem crowded.

The subtle icons in this free pricing table psd file reinforce the message while not overwhelming the design. This file is free to download. It is a great starting point for any pricing table design. It can go on a website or even a direct mailer to emphasize pricing tiers. What will you use the free pricing table psd for? Click the link below to download the psd file.

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