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Free Travel Icons (PNG + SVG Formats)

by | Mar 20, 2015 | Articles, Graphic Design | 1 comment

Free Travel Icons

Everyone loves to travel. There’s something about exploring and you place that is exciting and exhilarating. So how do you captured this idea and integrated into an icon set? Well, that’s where today’s set of free icons comes in. Provided exclusively by Freepik, we have an exclusive set of free travel icons. Everything that has to do with travel, vacationing in exploration is included in this icon set. You can see a preview of the free travel icons below.

Free Travel Icons - SVG + PNG formats

When you think about traveling, you think about relaxation, fun and getting to see something new. Just by looking at each one of these icons, you’ll immediately think of a vacation that you’ve been on. Whether it was to the beach, sightseeing, or a relaxation destination spot, there are icons that represent all of these concepts. There are icons to represent the leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, and even the famous Dubai hotel. There are also camping, nautical, and transportation icons available in this set.

You can download these free icons and use them in your projects. They are available in PNG and SVG formats. This makes it easy to drop the icons directly into your projects, or you can open the SVG files in illustrator and edit them to meet the needs of your own project. This simple outline style is appealing for websites and mobile apps alike. You could do something as simple as changing the color of the outline to match the color of your business’s branding.

Download These Free Travel Icons

Provided exclusively by Freepik, these icons will be great for print, web and mobile app projects. Having them available in SVG format makes them editable and infinitely scalable. These free travel icons could be a great addition to any travel related project. To download this free icon set, click the link below and you’ll receive them in your inbox.

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