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How loopholes in your content marketing strategy can be a serious threat?

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Articles, Marketing | 0 comments

content marketing strategy

There seems to be a common misunderstanding about the differences between content marketing strategy and content strategy in itself. These seemingly similar terms can cause a ruckus if the concepts are not clear. Essentially, content marketing is a list of ‘Ws’: why is the content being created, who needs it, how will you execute it, and the list continues. Typically, organizations use content marketing strategies to build an audience and achieve one of the following goals: reduction in costs, better customer base, and increased profits.

Content strategy, on the other hand, delves more rooted in the process of creating, publishing, and governing applicable content. It goes far beyond the scope to help a business manage the multiple types of content they need.

Why do you need a content strategy?

Your content strategy is a complete plan of action that documents the specifics of execution and handling of each task in the list. It is critical to understand the significance of a content strategy and plan because it helps you organize not just the process of creation but also your life in general.

Why can’t you afford loopholes in your content strategy?

Content marketing is part and parcel of almost every brand’s marketing strategy. However, many marketers still seem to underestimate the power and significance of a carefully crafted and well-documented content strategy.

A CMI Report of 2016 has revealed that over 88% of B2B businesses actively incorporate content marketing in their plan. 68% of these businesses feel that their content strategy is not as effective as they would like it to be. Moreover, a measly, 32% of companies think that their plan for content is not only working but also yielding great results.

Since we have already established the meaning of content marketing and content strategy, it’s now time for us to delve deeper into the subject. Here is a list of five reasons why you need a strong content strategy.

1). A good content strategy would help you reach goals

Ideally speaking, all of your marketing efforts are aimed to take you closer to your goal. However, due to misconceptions and misguidance, many of your marketing efforts could lead to a waste of time, energy, and also money.

To illustrate this with an example, let’s consider that a company is creating content that fails to resonate with its target audience. Alternatively, they might be trying to break into the highly competitive keywords while blatantly ignoring other options that could yield better results.

A strong content strategy would help you define your goals clearly and enable you to set priorities. It permits you the flexibility of a goal-driven attitude and insurance of every tad bit of effort, translating into tangible successes.

2). You can track progress with your content strategy

There is no denial that a content strategy cannot exist without a measuring scale. Before the commencement of any creative content initiative, it is necessary for you to have a well-laid plan of action. The content strategy won’t work for you, unless your content runs parallel to the LSI standards. Take example of; the way they write content gels well with the LSI standards that helps them rank better on search engines. Since you cannot build a house without a strong foundation and proper map work, similarly, you cannot create a brand without a strong content strategy.

Your short, and long term goals need to be specified before embarking on the journey. Because you would need a yardstick (read goals) to measure the effectiveness of your ideas. The strategy needs to outline all the metrics that need constant tracking and analysis to determine the productivity of your efforts.

3). Find new opportunities with a content strategy

On a recent quest for the top content creation tools, we came across a blog on The reason why this instance is mentioned is that it resonates well with the fact that research and planning help you to find new opportunities.

Success in content marketing can only be found with a keen eye for details and being on the constant lookout for innovative ideas. Creating content around the fresh hot potatoes is the best way of achieving the goals of reaching out to your target audience. Outlining all the avenues of interest can help marketers narrow down the latest trends and new story ideas.

The lack of a robust content strategy would reduce your chances of remaining coordinated. A sense of disorganization in the brand and its tone can lead to serious, long-term disadvantages.

4). Cut costs with strategizing

Content creation and distribution are often costly. The absence of a content strategy or lack of specifics potentially causes a rift between the bigger picture and the present project. In other words, marketers often focus hard on the current project and exhaust funds, which would have worked better for initiatives beginning later in the financial year.

A well-defined content strategy that outlines all the financial aspects along with the creative idea is significant to the growth and successful operation of any marketing strategy. Defining the expenditure per project would help in cutting overall costs. Because when you have clarity in your vision, you can make practical decisions and invest in things that can be used repeatedly.

5). Produce content that always converts with the help of a content strategy

Last but not least is the increase in conversions that can be obtained by following a complete content strategy. When your content strategy contains all the elements such as:

  • The target audience and their most desirable content.
  • A specific tone of your ‘story.’
  • The format and style for individual types of content.
  • Channels for promotion and distribution and the leverages.

If your content strategy covers all of the points mentioned above, then a multitude of conversions in on your way. Following this list would help your marketing team build a strong foundation for the abode of your expectations when they approach new projects; the only thing left to do starts growing on the foundations, and you are set to go.

Final Thoughts

You cannot find the perfect content strategy overnight. It is going to take trial and error to reach a satisfactory outcome. This does not mean that you can leave ends loose in your content strategy. Because any delinquency on your pat could benefit your rival greatly.

If you keep your goal in sight, while tracking progress and discovering brand new opportunities, you pretty much make it big in the world of content marketing. Moreover, keen attention on minimal costs and higher productivity would help you create content that converts.

Remember that great content marketing is rare. However, you are only a step away from being a great content marketer. Keep learning, and keep trying. Moreover, we are sure that you will achieve all of your goals soon

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