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Merge SEO and Web Design

Are you planning to launch a new website or planning to redesign an existing one? Your website’s big start largely depends upon its SEO game and the marketing strategy revolving around its designing. The key of internet metrics is the conversion rate of visitors on your website; a potential customer requires a well-structured website and planned marketing strategies.

Many things make up a great website. Irrespective of the industry your website belongs to, you will always employ plugins for your website’s marketing. If yours is an e-commerce website, you will adopt the WooCommerce plugin. If it is a blog website, you will end up with blogging related addons etc. You will then pay attention to content or the SEO. However, there can be a different approach for a guaranteed good start.

Many questions might pop up in your mind about making this start. We recommend having a holistic approach towards your site’s SEO and the web design so that your website is covered.

Through this blog post, we will help you incorporate major aspects of proper web designing and SEO while launching your new website or re-doing your old one.

optimize speed for SEO

Optimize the Website for a speedy turnaround time

Speed is the primary factor for materializing success for your online website. You should emphasize upon reducing the time between clicking the link and displaying the entire content. The website performance has a direct impact on your website’s ranking.

This, in turn, enhances the user engagement and revenue to help your website rank well. The layout and template of your website should be managed as such that it self-optimizes to provide optimal website speed.

Tip: Always use the best web hosting service for your website to achieve the best loading time.

Using alt tags on website images:

A well-chosen image complements the readability of your content. Alt text and title tags strengthen the search engine friendliness of your website images, and make SEO better. Alt text describes the details of the image and the function as well. For upgrading the SEO of your website, each image should have an alt text.

Make sure you add the SEO keyword to your image’s alt text. Always use a high-quality image to improve the visibility and appeal of your website. A great and relevant image makes the content attractive and when complemented with alt text, it enhances the SEO as well.

use search engine friendly images for seo and web design

Choosing Search Friendly Page Names

The titles or the headlines of your website pages need to be search engine friendly. Apart from serving as a great force for visual designing, these words are SEO players, too. If these names are anywhere close to the keywords, you must try to package them in optimal strength in a manner that they are ample but not over-stuffed.

Mobile approach

As per a stat, 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy. Given this huge popularity of the stage, going mobile for your website’s well-being must be your priority. A mobile website or a mobile app is a good way to get started.

For a heads up, Google has started penalizing websites which are not mobile-friendly. A website with a properly laid out mobile structure has a high visual value in terms of design. Also, it will enhance your site’s SEO as you can expect a surprisingly large number of visits on it. Since 83% of mobile users feel that the accessibility of a website through all platforms is very important, you must begin your planning.

Optimization of landing pages

Landing pages are lead generators. If you want to assist your website’s SEO efforts, paying attention to optimizing your landing pages is crucial. Landing pages must be visually effective and powerful enough to convert prospects. If they are great, more people would want to visit your site for experiencing the true essence of your services.

In fact, landing pages are standalone, the best example where SEO and web design go hand-in-hand to work together. Optimizing them would require the following steps:

  • A clear and meaningful headline
  • Concise information about the product
  • A Call-To-Action button which stands out well
  • A template that advocates seamless navigation
  • A converting image or video
  • Telling the leads/prospects about the benefits
  • Great and authentic testimonials
  • Third party certifications

These elements must be visually appealing and comprise of your site’s keywords.

Removing ‘Pay-walls’ to let people access content

Consider a situation: A prospective client finds that a certain section of your website has excellent web design and now wants to access it. However, he/she is prompted to either pay for it or register in order to gain access to it. This can be a big boulder in the path of website conversions.

You can never expect your prospective audience to pay you way before you tell them that you can offer value through your services for them. If your new website or the existing one has such blocks, you must try to strategize well before setting them up. This way, you will be able to market your website well.

blogging for SEO

Adopt blogging

As a website owner, if you haven’t yet; you should have adopted the art of blogging way back. Apart from the visual aid, blogs are the next best thing that engage people more than any other type of content. So, if you come up with a regular blog, use great content, audio-video aids and influencer blogging to engage your visitors. Once they are under the impression that your web design and the website content format is solid, they will show great love.

Wrapping up:

All the prospects like quality content, exemplary products etc. will take a backseat if your website is not up to date and presentable. Also, if your site has a bad SEO, there is quite no benefit of its existence.

As far as SEO and web designing are concerned with marketing, it should be a matter of thorough research, planning and hence structured in an appropriate manner. So, if you couple up these factors together, imagine the impact your website could make.

As for now, the customers and their searching patterns have changed. Therefore, your website’s marketing pattern deserves a change too. Employ the above-mentioned approach and you will be successfully able to merge greater things for your website’s marketing efforts.

If you have some tips up your sleeves, please share them in the comments below. We also look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions.

Pawan Sahu is the founder of MarkupTrend. He is a Digital Marketer and a blogger geek passionate about writing articles related to WordPress, SEO, Marketing, Web Design, and CMS etc.