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Create a Unique Affiliate Website

wordpress - create affiliate sites

Affiliate marketing has always been a much sought after ways to earn easy money on the Internet. Though, to be honest, it’s hardly easy.

But be it as it may, more and more folks are leaning towards this source of income by promoting the services and products of other companies via their own websites. The calculation is fairly simple – if your visitors are buying the product you are trying to sell, you earn a fairly good commission. All the commissions earned collectively do make up a reasonably good amount at the end of the month. However, you do need the right recipe for it.

Using WordPress for Earning Through Affiliate Marketing

WordPress is most definitely the best content management system around, and there are very few who can argue against it. Apart from having all the benefits for a webmaster, when you look from the affiliate marketeer’s perspective, there is so much more you can do with a WordPress website. WordPress websites come with a built in space for you to place your ads on, and if that is not the case with your setup, you always have the option of using the affiliate’s code on the widgets located on the sidebar.

So, we will take off from an assumption that you have already set up your WordPress website.

Placing the Ads

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and head to the Appearance menu. In there, click on Widgets.
  2. The screen that appears now has a section by the label of Secondary Widget Area.
  3. On this page, you also have a complete list of available widgets wherefrom you can locate the widget for Text. In this widget, you can enter any HTML code of your choice. This widget has to be dragged to the secondary widget area section.
  4. Now, the advertising code that you have acquired from your affiliate partner will have to go inside the Text widget. Once you have done so, hit the save button.
  5. Visit your live website and you can see the ad appearing on the sidebar of your website.

What If You Don’t Have an Affiliate Yet

Many webmasters simply have an idea of earning through affiliates, but they don’t have an affiliate they can market. In such an event, WordPress has several plugins installing which can get you in touch with companies that can promote their services on your website and you earn for the advertise services you are delivering to them.

Amazon Associates Affiliate plugins can serve the purpose just right. These plugins can help you sign up with the Amazon Associates Programme that can bring in big bucks from a highly reliable source.

In its bare bones, this program is all about you promoting among your visitors the product line of Amazon. By the virtue of Amazon selling just about everything under the sun, your website’s genre fits in seamlessly to at least one of their products.

Some of the plugins you can try for integrated this feature with your website include:

Amazon Link2-amazon-link

This free plugin happens to be the most user friendly way of adding the income generating links to your website.

These links don’t have to be specifically the banner ads, but they can also be links placed within your posts. You can also earn commission from global visits dropping in on your website by the link localizer tool.

Easy Azon


EasyAzon is a premium plugin that lives up to its premium status. This is a much easier plugin to work with as it lets you generate links to the Amazon products right from your WordPress’ admin panel.

This plugin has on its course been lapped up by a whole lot of webmasters who only have great things to say about it. Owing to this popularity, there have already been three versions launched of the plugin with each version being a huge improvement over the previous plugin.

While there are a host of other plugins as well that serve the same purpose, the 2 plugins we have talked about cover more or less everything.

Affiliate marketing has massive scope for anyone wanting to get involved in it. And with WordPress involved in the scheme of things, the deal only gets better.

Author Bio: Maria Mincey is an software developer for Xicom Technologies, a web development company which delivers most comprehensive web applications and solutions for different industry verticals.