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20 Refreshing WordPress Themes

Seasons come one after another, and, fortunately, webdesign does not stay where it is. There are new elements being constantly developed that help modern websites beat the competition and make it to the top.

This autumn brings us a rich crop of webdesign novelties that make website visitors ‘wow’ at the new quality of experience they get. Awesomeness of the best templates of autumn 2014 is not the merit of one element. It’s a well-crafted interplay of sleek design, extended color palette and great interactive functionality that keeps guests on your page. Attention, which these templates give to user experience, pays back manifold and shows that you are a top company in your sphere.

When we speak about major breakthrough achievements of this fall in webdesign, the first thing that comes in mind is the release of the long-awaited new version of WordPress 4.0. WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS (Content Management System) so far, so there is no doubt that everyone is now crazy about the new abilities it brings. Parallax sliders and interactive homepages, more options to customize your template, and simpler process of website localization… This are just some of the new functions it brings for creating a website that will leave a lasting impression and make users return to the page multiple times.

It is hardly surprising that the best templates of autumn 2014 run on WordPress CMS. Top 20 WordPress themes, which we want to present you in this post, have incorporated all the best achievements in web deign of this autumn. They deliver you a clean, visually convincing page, where every element is polished to perfection. Visitors of your site will appreciate the great experience that the page delivers, enjoying simple navigation and clear structure, large interactive sliders, great portfolios and many feedback options.

If you want to bring your business to a new level of greatness, then you can’t miss top 20 refreshing WordPress themes that stand on a new level of quality. The best templates of autumn need to be fully experienced. Try the Live Demo version of them and see the future of webdesign today!

Joy of Being Helpful: Charity WordPress Theme

Tender Heart Community WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Successful Promotion: Ad Company WordPress Template

Interactive Ad Group WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Romantic Medieval Experience WordPress Website

Medieval Dinner Theater WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Successfully Clean: Cleaning Company WordPress Site

Cleaning Services for Offices WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

In Union With Horse Responsive WordPress Design

Horse WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The Hottest Taste of Mexico WordPress Theme

Spicy Mexican Food WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Forever Together: Dating Agency WordPress Template

Love Romance WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Time to Scare: Halloween WordPress Website

Halloween WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Strikingly Clean: Car Wash WordPress Site

Car Wash Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Amazed At What You Do: Personal Website WordPress Design

Personal Page WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Clear-minded and Ambitious Enterprise WordPress Template

Business WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Putting Your Heart and Soul Into Music WordPress Theme

Music Band WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Well-functioning Smartphone: Repair Center WordPress Site

Cellular Repair: refreshing WordPress themes

Details | Demo

Conceptual Advertisement WordPress Website

Advertising Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Unforgettable Day: Paragliding WordPress Template

Paragliding Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Sun-loved Crops: Agriculture WordPress Theme

Agriculture Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

House of Tomorrow: Architecture Responsive WordPress Design

Architecture Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Express Your Uniqueness: Tattoo Salon WordPress Theme

Quality Tattoo Artistry WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Constructing Your Dream: Building Agency WordPress Website

Pro Construction Office WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Best Moments In Motion: Videography Responsive WordPress Site

Video Lab Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo