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designing galleries

Designing Galleries

Without a doubt, if you own a website, you will want to invest in it and make it the best site out there. Otherwise, if you don’t take the time to spend some money on your site and set things up, you are going to end up beating the competition. One way to zoom past the rest is to design galleries on your website to promote your product. Here are four ways to design galleries on your site to promote your product.

The best images, every time: First and foremost, if you want to impress people with your gallery, you will want the best images. TO get the perfect photo, ever time, hire a professional who can take the picture with his or her high-end camera. While this will cost more, a serious and hardworking professional can take the picture, clean it up with Photoshop and make the item you are selling look its best. Otherwise, if you attempt to use a smartphone or other old technology to take a picture, it won’t look that great. In reality, your clients will notice this, especially if they are going to drop a lot of money on your product.

Full-size image:

Think about how your visitors will land on your site. Once on your website, most people will want to click a full-size image to get an idea on the product. Some entrepreneurs make the mistake of keeping the thumbnail at the lowest size possible. Then, when doing so, a person will struggle to get an idea on the product. But, if you have a thumbnail and then a regular sized image that one can enlarge, you are going to help your cause greatly as the client will have an excellent idea on the product.

designing galleries that are mobile friendly


Without a mobile friendly website, you are going to struggle mightily if you want to attract visitors on tablets and smartphones. This is certainly true if you are trying to sell a product, especially if the product is of high value. To keep your visitors from all devices excited, you will want to set up a mobile-friendly site. Then, your visitors won’t struggle to load the pages and check out your gallery. On the other hand, if you neglect to build a site for all your visitors, you will watch as your conversion rates drop.

Fits in with the rest:

Finally, if you are running a website and you want to use a gallery as a simple way to impress your visitors, you will want to ensure that the gallery fits in with the rest of the site. This is harder to do than most people realize. So, if you run a site, you will want to make sure that the designer and coder work together to create the ultimate experience. Otherwise, if visitors see something that is unorganized and hard to understand, they are likely to head for another site. However, this isn’t always as easy as it may seem as plenty of people don’t know how to come up with a consensus on what constitutes as well-designed site. But, with that being said, if you impress your visitors and show off your product to them, you are likely to get more out of your gallery. This website has a gallery page that fits in with the rest of the site architecture, but it allows users to launch separate galleries without leaving the page, so that users can get a really good look at the product and focus on it, but without navigating away for each product subtype.

Remember, if you run a site, you will want to use a gallery as a simple way to impress people and show off your website. If you don’t, you will face an uphill battle in your quest to convert visitors into clients. Luckily, if you are wise and set it up in smart manner, you are not going to have a hard time with your gallery.