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How to Use Video for Business Promotion

by | May 11, 2022 | Marketing, Video | 0 comments

Before we talk about using video for business promotion, you should look at some statistics to understand how business promotion through video content shouldn’t be overlooked as a part of promotion strategy.

Over 70% of marketers agree that video content produces more conversion compared to text content. According to a report by Statista over 83% of users are projected to access video content online.

Another study by Hubspot shows that over 54% of users show their interest in watching more promotional videos in video format compared to other content.

More than 80% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. And consumption of video content is projected to grow more.

Why should you not overlook video content for promotion?

With the evolution of technology and the internet, the methods to promote businesses have changed drastically. Having a website is simply not enough to gain attention among millions of businesses online, you should think beyond traditional methods to promote your business.

In this article, we will talk about how you can get more conversions and turn your visitors into customers by creating engaging video content that delivers your message effectively. In terms of engagement, images and video content has proven more effective compared to text-based content.

Are you looking for some ideas to create video content to promote your services and business? You have come to the right place, here will explain how you can start video content marketing successfully to ensure your message reaches your potential customers effectively.

How to start video marketing?

All you need is a tool that lets you create customized video content that enhances your brand’s value and attracts customers to explore your services and products. There are plenty of video editing marketing tools available online that allow you to draft eye-catching videos without any hassle. The selection of tools depends on the size of the business.

1. Select the right tool for you

The selection of tools should be decided to keep business size in mind. There are tons of video promo makers software you can find for small business owners if you own a small business at a reasonable price.

2. Start with the right tools to learn the secret of video marketing

In case you don’t have much content and are a newbie, platforms such as PosterMyWall can be great tools to design eye-catching videos for your brand. It’s free and offers millions of videos, stock images, clipart and a custom slideshow maker to help you create some eye-catching promotional material. It comes up with free and premium plans that include perks like free high-res video content. Looking for ideas? They have great templates in their gallery to make your video editing journey hassle-free.

How to use videos for promotion?

  • Showcase your product: Do you sell products? You can show off your appealing products through video. This video can be used as advertising content on various social platforms, and across various channels.
  • Demo Videos: A demo video can be used to showcase how your products work and features if you sell physical goods. It may include description/specification and features of products. Also, you can add how to use that particular product or service. It can include how those products work and how customers can use them, etc.
  • How-to videos: How-to videos are explained to teach your audience or customers how to use your services and products. Nowadays brands have been investing in creating how-to videos to ensure that their customers understand their products’ features and use them without any hassle. How-to videos can be used for almost all kinds of businesses like if you are providing digital apps or software, explainer videos can help your customers use your product and find solutions if they have any problems with that product or service.
  • Social media content: There are many websites and tools that come up with free and paid templates to let marketers create greetings and short video clips to share on social media on festive occasions.

Platforms to create video content

  • PosterMyWall: If you are a new user and not much familiar with promotional video content creation then this graphic design tool is for you. It has millions of stock images, and videos to create customized videos with ease. Creating videos and posters is very easy with its drag-and-drop design tools. The platform also allows you to create slideshows that work great for personal and commercial projects. The best part about this platform is that it is free, though premium features such as watermark removal and high-resolution photos are only available with premium plans.
  • Vimeo: Vimeo lets you create sales or promotional videos that enhance your business presence and showcase your products and services to appeal to new users and engage your customers.

Final words

Nowadays videos are one of the most effective content to engage your customers and this trend seems to grow more. With the introduction of new social platforms, most of the marketers are focusing on image and video-based marketing strategies and the same continues to grow more in the upcoming years.

In this video, we have mentioned a few platforms and described how videos are important in the current scenario and how you can utilize them to gain potential users’ attention. Videos are more effective compared to text-based content.

We hope you find this article helpful and informative. Statistics suggest that video marketing is going to be more effective with the evolution of digital platforms. Video marketing can benefit you in many ways; it doesn’t only deliver strong messages about your brands and services but also turn visitors into your customers if created carefully.

Short videos are in trend nowadays that are being consumed a lot by users across various social channels. You can create these kinds of videos periodically to engage your current users with new information about your products and services. Having an online presence is not enough, you should remain visible on various channels to stand out. Video marketing is something that you shouldn’t overlook in order to survive in a high-competitive online market.

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