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Photoshop Website Template

Today, I have a nice template for you! I am providing a Photoshop website template. Having a template to create a quick mockup of a website in Photoshop will give your client an idea of what their site will look like before you design it. This is handy, because you can iron out all of the details of how a site looks. This will save you a ton of time. If you know what the site will look like before you start designing and coding it, the whole process is more streamlined. Below is more information about this Photoshop website template.

Photoshop Website Template-Fable

Called Fable, this Photoshop Website Template is a fully layered Photoshop file. Each section is broken down into organized Photoshop layers. Each layer is labeled for your convenience, so you won’t have to fish through dozens and dozens of mystery layers. You’ll be able to find exactly what you are looking for, edit it, and make it your own.

There is a section for a prominent header, a slider, and 3 main points. Then, there is a section for 3 articles and one main featured one. Under that, you’ll find the footer. Here, I have created an area for social media integration, like Twitter tweets. In the right column, there are social media icons where people can follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The great part about the website template is that you can completely customize it. If you don’t like the slider, switch t out for a different style. If you don’t like the feature bar, take it out and put something else in. If you want to add sections, replace them, or take them away, you can do so easily by just deleting that group of layers.

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