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Ultimate Comparisons: Digital Advertising vs. Traditional Advertising

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Marketing | 0 comments

digital marketing vs traditional marketing

When we practice getting public attention to an idea, product, or service through paid channels by a sponsor, the process is known as Advertising. As the advertising trends change with time, more and more definitions of advertising are being introduced. It is the promotional messages generally recognized as advertising, or ads for short. Advertisement entices people to buy your product or service. 

According to the Advertising Association of the UK,

“Advertising is any communication, usually paid-for, specifically intended to inform or influence one or more people.” 

The two mediums or channels or advertising that have been influential and productive for quite some time are digital advertising and traditional advertising. Each of the channels has its way to dominate the other, but the debate as to who is the best and what should we select for our business has been a topic of interest.

Let’s talk about what Digital and Traditional Advertising are and how you can benefit your business and target more audience using each.

What is Digital Advertising?

The process of aggrandizing, promoting, and demonstrating using the internet and social networking channels such as search engines, websites, social media, or any other platform that can be used or accessed digitally is called Digital Advertising.

We are aware of how digital advertising works! It is like whenever we are using any online media platform and the ads that pop-up on your screen, this is digital advertising.

We are long past the days when buying an ad for your product or service on Television and radio was challenging, and yet the desired numbers of leads were not met. We can say that since digital advertising has arrived, the dynamics of the world have been changed, and to be more appropriate, ENHANCED!

In the present time, businesses and marketers are way more attracted to digital marketing as it generates more and desired leads. As days pass, more and more people are jumping to online purchasing. Hence the digital age is on the boost!

As 40% to 50% of the world’s population is connected to the internet and use social media much more than any other website, it is quite high-yielding to bring more and more audience to your product which ultimately increases your business with the least amount of resources spent.

What is Traditional Advertising?

The process of marketing and reaching out to the prospect and potential customers through traditional mediums such as broadcast television, cable television, radio, cold calling, door-to-door sales, print ads in the newspaper, billboards, pamphlet, magazines, posters, business cards, wall-paintings, and bombing at vehicles is called as Traditional Advertising.

Tens of thousands of people believe that traditional advertising has been discarded, and some thought it off as ‘Dead’ way too, but the reality is quite the opposite. The use of conventional advertisement is determined by the marketing team of any company.

Although the digital form is quite accessible and more reachable still the use of traditional advertising is alive and in use by thousands depending upon the type of market they want to hit and the kind of customers they are trying to reach.

Traditional advertising still gives opportunities for companies, big and small, to connect and spread the word. So, under the banner of this statement above, traditional methods are still not outdated. The fee of the ad is determined by the size (length) of the ad.

Comparisons between Digital Advertising and Traditional Advertising

comparison between digital advertising and digital advertising

It has been several years of debate as to what type of advertising yields more and more business. Both advertisement approaches are different from each other, and the marketers focus on one thing, and that is ‘Target.’

The business professionals always look for something more energetic and because they are spending their money, and all they look for are results that satisfy them more than anything else.

The size of the business varies, keeping this in mind the small business always on the move to save even a $1 on their budget, they want every penny to spend the right way and at last to make the most of it.

As years passing, we see that digital marketing or advertising has gained solid grounds without distancing traditional ways. The picture of traditional marketing does not look good. According to Leichtman Research Group, in 2019, major pay-tv providers lost around 4,915,000 subscriptions. Besides, pay-tv providers had 3.3 million more net losses than in any previous year.

We can have a mere example that television channels and cable providers have seen and observed the dramatic change in fallen numbers in usage and getting leads over the years. The traditional streaming services give a clear picture of this situation as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu has taken over the market by storm.

Digital Advertisement and Traditional Advertisement: The Ultimate Comparison

The following are ten ultimate comparisons between digital advertisements and traditional advertisements. This comparison will enable you to understand how they both work in the advertisement domain.

1.    Communication Style

Digital Communication allows you to have an interactive two-way communication that supports direct real-time feedback, whereas traditional advertisement is limited to one-way communication with delayed feedback.

2.    Schedule & Availability

Businesses always seek more leads, which can be achieved by reaching out to more audiences and having more display time. Traditional advertisement displays for a restricted time.

It has a specific schedule and a short display time; on the other hand, digital ads are highly available and show 24/7, making it more appropriate, and the first choice of prospective businesses and marketers.

3.    Solidifying Grounds

You have a newly set-up company, and you are planning to save your investment as far as advertisements are concerned. One thing that can keep your day and enable you to solidify your ground is by having a great digital marketing team.

Why? Because it is hard to leg-up on big brands in traditional advertising because they have massive earnings that can be spent on commercials and radio ads. In contrast, a startup doesn’t nearly have the resources.

4.    Management Processes

Both channels of advertisement that is digital and traditional have separate management processes. As targeted to a broader audience, the digital ad is more organized and has a systematic management process for advertisers, publishers, and services.

On the contrary, traditional advertisement is controlled or managed manually or with a semi-automatic process.

5.    Tracking Success

Digital advertisement allows you to have a track of your business success, unlike traditional advertising. How does it work? It is fun and straightforward; when a business professional or marketer run a campaign on social media or search engine like Google, quick and real-time progress can be checked and evaluated.

According to CNBC, in the year 2018, digital ads revenues surpassed $100 million for the first time. There are a lot of powerful tools like social medial analytics and useful analytics that enable you to your growth. Isn’t it exciting? Yes, it is! Controlling budget and targeting your ads is only a click away with the transformation.

6.    Direct Linking To The Product Or Provider

The digital age has made life easier and more compatible than ever before. The ads popping-up to your screen when using social media, visiting a website, and searching at a search engine have a direct linkage to the site or product description and order placement.

What’s good then to have a direct link to the provider than to go to the market and check the catalog? However, traditional advertisement is far behind from this. Direct linkage is simply not supported in traditional advertisement methods.

7.    Cost-Effectiveness

Every business isn’t operating the same way. Each has its own set of principles to follow, and the same goes for the budgets that are set. Understandably, great profuse business set-ups have their budgets for advertisement purposes, but when it comes to the small or newly set-up business aiming to grow the leads then to spend thousands for just advertisement.

It is quite a thing to understand, make a strategy, and then implement it. The traditional advertisement has different payment methods according to their policies, like Newspapers and radio ads are less in cost and as compare to the cost of an ad on Television.

In contrast, digital ads are the least expensive, with more chances to get you leads and potential customers.

8.    Acquirable & Feasible Market

According to research, there are 4,648,228,067 internet users in the world. People use the internet for every other purpose, from browsing, searching, buying, selling, and what not? Whether a person wants to buy a car or buy essay online, internet has allowed people to make informed purchases.

The stats show that internet allows digital advertisements to reach more audiences and ultimately generate more leads because of substantial viewers. In contrast, the traditional ad has limited access to only regional and local viewers.

9.    More Compelling Or Attention-Grabbing

How likely does it happen that you have gotten a flyer and keep it in your pocket to share it with your family and friends? The answer that is popping up in your mind is not that likely.

So, traditional advertisements don’t get the attention as they could achieve with a digital ad, as they can be shared with the public and as well as in private.

Digital advertisement is significant in engaging and enchanting the leads and customer flow where they are just a click away to get it done. Today’s age has been named as digital age as it is helping humans in almost every other thing.

10. Unique & Noteworthy

The answer is sounding and guessable. Unlike traditional advertisement, digital advertisement gives you the power to leverage the popularity of many social media platforms and search engine platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google search, etc.

According to Google, there are 63,000 searches made by users per second any day. 35% of these searches are for products, and 34% of the searches are with the keyword ‘near me,’ which results in physical visits to the product store.

They have an ad space on their infamous websites, which a business marketer can buy easily. Your ad can be viewed by thousands of millions of people worldwide because that platform generates traffic.

What’s Best For Your Business?

traditional vs digital infographic

Selecting which is better and best for your business is totally in your hand or your marketing team. You know the nature of your business, you know well about your budget, and also it is your decision which matters the most.

Both digital and traditional advertisements can go sideways without crossing each other’s path, and yet they can be more impactful if put in the show together.

But the thing-to-consider is that there is no meaning in showing your ads to the people who don’t have an interest in your product or service. It is merely obtrusive, and you are only investing your money for nothing.

Though the traditional ads will reach millions of viewers, you will still not be sure about whether it will hit the potential customers or not. On the other hand, the digital advertisement will give you more accurate information about your hits and leads. No matter if you sell dissertation editing services or appliances, the best way is to customize your advertising strategy based on your business needs.

Segmentation will put you into less competition. You will also have the idea of how to save and optimize advertising budget, increase product visibility, and make the most out of it.


As mentioned above, the comparison has profoundly detailed that digital advertising is a central part of most advertisement strategies and will give an ultimate boom to your small business with a little risk and high reward.

Although the traditional advertisement isn’t old fashioned or dead, it’s just you need to understand your business case and give a shot! Digital endorsement is the pool you should dive in!

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