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Hire A Designer That is Right For You

It’s tough for a lot of designers to get jobs right out of college. Despite having internships, enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn, they are usually passed up for jobs. Designers with more experience tend to fill those positions, and rightly so, but not in all cases. Sometimes you have to consider the person you’re interviewing more than their body of work. Here are a few reasons why you might hire a designer with less experience, but may end up getting better results.

hire a designer with less experience

They Are Hungrier

I know I was! No, I am not talking about my physical appetite, I am talking about my unquenchable thirst for my 1st job in our field. I wasn’t going to rest until I had a design job, putting my hard work in school to good work. Also, I wanted to be able to really call myself a designer. It’s tough to do that when you’re working a day job out of your field, just to pay the bills. A lot of times, a hungrier designer will put in more effort for better results. How bad do they want it?

They Are Easier to Train

Newer designers are a bit greener, but this can actually work to your advantage. They haven’t developed that know-it-all, diva mind set that some more experienced designers end up developing. When you hire a designer that is fresher, they haven’t had the time to develop bad habits. They are more willing to listen and do things your way, because they are just happy to be there.

They Cost Less To Start

Designers with more experience expect more pay. They won’t make the little mistakes a newer designer will make, but you’ll pay for it. Most people feel like they are worth a million bucks, but a newer designer just wants to solidify their career. They are more willing to grow into the position and let the pay come as they progress within the company.

They Consider it More As an Opportunity

When you hire a designer that is less experienced, they consider it to be an opportunity to get their foot in the door with a stable company. A lot of designers strive to be in-house employees, which comes with benefits, retirement, salary, paid vacations, etc. They look at it as a way to get it on the ground floor and work their way up.

They May Have a Better Work Ethic

Just because a designer has more experience, that doesn’t mean they want to work hard. It also means they won’t necessarily have the enthusiasm to put in all of their effort and create killer designs. Some people, no matter what the profession may be, just simply want to fill a seat. On the other hand, you may hire a less experience designer, but they may have an unstoppable work ethic. They may end up being your number one employee, providing more value to your company than a couple of years of design experience.

They Show More Potential

If you look at a designer’s portfolio, and their work isn’t executed all that well from a technical standpoint, but their creativity and their concepts are truly creative, they have more potential than someone who can simply operate software better. Software is something that can be practiced and improved. Creativity, in its true form, can’t be forced if it isn’t there to begin with. Hire a designer with less experience, especially if they have exceptional creativity, because their technical skills will improve as they continue to use the software. Execution is great, but if there are isn’t a strong concept driving it, the message ends up getting lost in translation.


You should consider the big picture when hiring a designer for your business. Experience doesn’t always equal quality. Consider their work ethic, their willingness to learn, their enthusiasm, their openness, and anything else that may end up benefitting your business in the long run. Have you ever been burned by an experienced designer? If so, share your experience in the comments section below.