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Passive Income Sources For Freelancers

by | Dec 26, 2013 | Articles, Design, Freelancing | 1 comment

Freelancing isn’t as easy as it might initially sound to you. The hardest part to learn to cope with is that you aren’t guaranteed a steady monthly income, especially at the start. But the good news is that there are ways you can get a passive income to provide yourself with a little bit more financial stability. Here are some passive income sources for freelancers to help you.

passive income sources for freelancers

What Is Passive Income?

First it is important to realise what passive income is and how it differs from your other income. With a passive income you will receive money, hopefully a little bit regularly, without having to do anything for it.

Naturally it requires an initial investment in terms of creating this income source, but in the long run it will provide you with income without any extra work effort.

This can quickly boost your income and provide you more security financially and that means that you are more able to focus on the actual freelancing work that you do.

Different Ways Of Getting Passive Income

As mentioned above, there are several different ways to create a passive income source. Many of them also depend a little bit on your field of work and you should always use your expertise to your advantage. Here are some of the best ideas that you can try out.


No matter what your special field of work is you are most likely qualified enough to talk about it or other related matters. You could consider writing an e-book on this subject to help out other people interested in the field.

Although e-books will require quite a bit of initial work, they can provide you with a great passive income long after you are done writing. Naturally, the e-book doesn’t even have to be a factual book.

If you are a freelance writer and love storytelling then you can publish your own book. Selling your e-book on your website for instance, is a really simple way to do it.

Design Store

If you work in the design industry or are a photographer, you could think about setting up a design store. For example, selling your own patterns as website templates can be a really good idea.

You can even upload your photographs on the internet and sell them. Websites like are good places for selling your pictures. Naturally you can also sell your design and pictures through your own website.

An App

One of the fastest growing markets today is the app market. There are so many great opportunities for freelancers to make some passive income here with apps. Developing an app isn’t even that difficult anymore and can create some new customers and more brand awareness for your business.

Make sure to look into cross platform development when you do develop an app to guarantee maximum accessibility. For instance, Marmalade can help you with your app development and ensure that more people are able to use it.

Physical Goods

Naturally, you can sell other goods on your website as well as the above. For example, opening a website store that provides T-shirts or notebooks can be a really good idea.

You can use your own design and artwork to give people something nice to buy as a gift, for example. Setting up your website store

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