Vector Easter Egg Pack

With Easter just around the corner, you’re sure to have clients with Easter promotions. need Easter Egg Designs? That’s great, because Freepik has put together a great free vector Easter Egg Pack for all of your Easter themed designs. Create beautiful Easter themed ads, posters, and any other promotional product, with little effort. There are a wide range of styles, so there’s sure to be a style that fits your design. Just download and use in your project, or base you design on one of these themes for a seamless fit. You can preview the vector Easter Egg pack below.

vector easter egg pack

The different styles of the vector Easter egg pack are retro, floral nautical, metal, polygonal, splash and vintage. This wide range of styles means that the vector Easter Egg pack will fit well with most designs. All you have to do is place them directly in your design. Also, being vector shapes, they are infinitely scalable, and they’ll be crisp, clean and beautiful.

Many people love the combo of vintage designs and Easter Eggs. it reminds me of faberge eggs, which people collect. This would be an elegant way of advertising for the Eastern holidays. The floral design style is great for spring in general. Eggs and spring go hand in hand, due to the fact that Spring is the season that represents birth and renewal, while eggs represent birth and life. In Spring, all of the plants and flowers seem to come to life, so this collection could be used all Spring. Your Spring themed designs will look great.

Download Vector Easter Egg Pack

The floral, retro, and vintage sets are my personal favorite. Which ones are your favorite? To download the beautiful vector Easter egg pack, click the download link below. It’s that easy!

Click Here to Download

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